Customers who are looking for a job—or a change in career—work with our Training and Workforce Development staff to: develop resumes and jobs, prepare for interviews, find jobs, and get hired. We work with customers one-on-one, and also provide various job skills training opportunities and employer-led events, such as job fairs. To learn more about our upcoming training opportunities and events, contact one of our staff listed below:

Program Contacts:

Patricia Mitchell

Case Manager & Trainer

(412) 904-4706

Bill Freed

Workforce Development Coordinator

(412) 904-4812

Beth Suter

Job Developer

(412) 904-4710

Ron Perkins

Department Manager

(412) 904-4803

Kurt Mennitti

Job Developer

(412) 904-4717

Ken Sines

Job Developer/Outreach Coordinator

(412) 904-4801

Upcoming Training & Workforce Development Events

PCSI partners with various trades across the region to address the need for African Americans in trade unions. 

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