Junique Dobbs, Client

My goals for a long time was to find sustaining employment, a
career, something to retire from. I have applied for over 300 jobs before I found PCSI and couldn't find anything that would pay me a prevailing wage to take care of my family. I also have a felony which made 100x harder.  I met Kurt Mennitti at the Southside site and he has been ever so patient and helpful. Always keeping me in the loop and sending emails with a over
abundance of opportunities and because of him and PCSI, I was able to get a wonderful job at PNC Bank as a Customer Service and Support Rep and I love it. It's everything I always wanted and I am forever grateful for the opportunity!

Jason Stewart, Client

I was released from Incarceration on July10, 2020  and connected with Kurtis Mennitti from PCSI on Tuesday
July 14, 2020. He was very helpful and did great work building me a resume. He pointed me in a direction towards a few jobs that fit my skills. Kurt sent my resume to the employer and talked about me. Friday July 17, 2020 I had a job offer. That's how fast it was and I owe it all to the help I got from PCSI.

Chelsey Sirmons IV, Entrepreneur

PCSI help me obtain my goals through multiple levels of support, training, resources. When I walked Into PCSI, I was tired of my old way of life, and was looking for the opportunity to change. I just was in search of that one something that would allow me to make my poison my medicine. Since then I maintain a life of recovery, I’m a CADC, CRS, TSS, GCDF, and Peer Specialist. I’ve also started a nonprofit Metanoias Inc. to
which I am the President/CEO.  That involves Mentee/Mentorship, Culture Competency, Substance Abuse Prevention, Mental Health Awareness, Advocacy.

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